• Full Mouth Rehabilitation

What Is Full Mouth Rehabiliation

This procedure is not only for those who want their bite to be restored or the teeth are replaced, but full mouth rehabilitation may be required to overcome some other condition and diseases such as:

  • Temporo-mandibular Joint Syndrome or TMJ
  • Clicking of the temporomandibular joints
  • Pain that seems to move around all the teeth.
  • Locking of the joints
  • Migraines or .headaches
  • Cervical, shoulder or pain in the back
    • Loose Teeth which can’t be explained
    • Vertigo

FULL MOUTH REHABILITATION or FULL MOUTH RECONSTRUCTION is the replacement of all missing teeth. Full mouth rehabilitation is one of the procedures needing a lot of finesse on account of the doctor as the form function and aesthetics have to be restored of all the teeth in question so as to restore them to its optimal state. Each treatment plan is custom made depending upon individual needs.

It can be done using one of the following things

Crowns and bridges
Dental implants
Onlays & Veneers
Combination of the above

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